Remodelers Can Give an Attic a Great Makeover

Home remodel blueprintsAttics can offer exceptional square footage you can use to extend the comfort of your home. So go through those storage boxes, give away what you don’t need, throw away the useless and find somewhere else to place your keepsakes so you can reinvent the space with the help of a Portland, Oregon remodeling contractor.

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Change Up Your Fence During Exterior Home Remodeling

The fenceThere is no exterior home remodeling rule that says your fence has to be built from just one material. In fact, by using complementary fencing materials, you can enhance the look of your exterior remodel or landscaping project. As your neighbors walk by your home, they’ll think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Building with Purpose

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Double Your Style with a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom sink and cabinetsSharing the bathroom doesn’t stop after you move out of your parent’s house. Even busy couples must battle for space on the counter and quality time in front of the mirror. The latest bathroom remodeling trend is the installation of double vanities, as they offer double the space, double the storage and double the style. With a “his-and-hers” bath remodel, you can turn your ho-hum bathroom into a private retreat.

The His & Hers Trend

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Retaining Walls Add Classic Beauty to Landscape Renovation

decorative-masonry-walls-atlantaPerfect for sloped lots and giving your landscape renovation an elegant touch, retaining walls can augment the beauty of your home. Using interlocking blocks, natural stone, concrete, wood or bricks, retaining walls add creative form and function to a landscape construction project, along with some added benefits.

  • Flat surfaces: Eliminate part of a hill so you can have a flat area to serve as a living space for relaxing, entertaining and gardening.
  • Bench space: Retaining walls can double as built-in seating.
  • Plantable space: Terracing with retaining walls gives you multiple planting surfaces that are perfect for garden beds.
  • Décor: Add a retaining wall to any yard to give it a multi-dimensional look and to highlight landscaping features.

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Spring Home Remodeling: When to Call Your Portland, Oregon Remodeling Contractor

Home remodel, patio, poolAs the spring days get warmer and you flip your calendar pages to the summer months, contractors start to fill their daily agendas with clients and projects. The best time to get the wheels turning on your project is now.

Best Time to Plan a Remodel

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ORA Member Spotlight: Riggs & Martin, Inc.

Riggs and Martin RemodelersThe means to create a home that fulfills your dreams and desires is in your hands. During your efforts to find a remodeler who can execute your home design aspirations, look to the ORA Remodelers Network to discover the ways in which remodelers should meet and exceed set standards.

If you live in the Portland area, consider contacting Riggs & Martin, Inc. Their team includes certified home, kitchen and bath remodelers, as well as carpenters who are experienced in renovations and value quality craftsmanship. From custom cabinetry design and installation to whole-house remodels, the experts at Riggs & Martin give your project the attention it deserves and are happy only when you’re happy. Serving the Portland Metro area since 1995, Riggs & Martin is a full-service remodeling company with a solid reputation.

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Exterior Home Remodeling Can Start with a Waterproof Deck

wood-deck-hardscapeExterior home remodeling is a hot trend that can be as simple as building a new deck. Any residential contractor will tell you a new deck is an investment that will yield high returns – both in enjoyability and the value of your home. Plus, spending the extra bucks to install a waterproof deck offers the benefits of a low-maintenance structure that can outlast those made of wood.

Benefits of Waterproof Decks

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Top Winter Home Remodeling Projects

Painting my sis room - the ColorIf you’re like most homeowners and spend a lot of time at home in the winter, this time of year is an opportunity to focus on changes that can make your dwelling more comfortable. However, did you know that winter is also one of the best times of the year for home remodeling? Because it’s a traditionally slow season, materials are less expensive and your house remodeling contractor is more likely to have an open schedule.

This year, the top wintertime home remodeling projects include:

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ORA Member Spotlight: de la tierra, inc.

de la tierra, inc.Your home is your pride and joy, and making it reflect who you are is part of the fun of being a homeowner. As you browse the Oregon remodelers in the ORA Remodelers Network, you can feel confident that you’ll find a remodeler who’s up-to-speed with the latest techniques, trends and construction standards.

Considering adding natural or engineered stone as part of your remodeling project? We recommend getting in touch with de la tierra, inc.  A locally-owned stonework company serving customers in Oregon and Washington, de la tierra’s fabrication process is full-service: field measure, fabrication and installation. Customers can be assured that their project isn’t just one of many in a large production cycle. The artisans at de la tierra hand-craft projects from start to finish to create quality custom pieces. Each project is thoughtfully planned to highlight a material’s unique characteristics while providing you with an enduring surface you’ll be proud to feature in your home or business. Continue reading

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3 Ways to Skip Plumbing Repairs this Winter

Icy PipeA cold winter can be your home plumbing’s greatest foe. Water performs a unique trick in that it expands as it freezes. When this happens within pipes, the pressure that builds up can cause them to crack or burst. To avoid falling victim to winter plumbing repairs, mind the following areas of your home, which are most susceptible to freezing temperatures.

1. Keep your kitchen pipes from freezing. Open the cabinets beneath your kitchen sink to expose the pipes to the warm air in your home. If the forecast calls for particularly harsh weather, let the water trickle from your faucet throughout the night, as moving water can’t freeze.

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